Discover the delights of Chioggia on a river cruise in Italy

  For those searching for the most relaxing way to experience this country’s unparalleled culture, a river cruise in Italy is the perfect choice. Whilst perhaps not the most obvious option for your next getaway, this unique sightseeing method combines the tranquil with the fascinating, and provides a charming atmosphere you’ll never forget. Once you’ve made the decision to opt for a river cruise in Italy, it’s time to consider which of the famous cities and breathtaking destinations you’ll explore. Chioggia is a popular choice, a favourite often referred to as ‘Italy’s other Venice’ - but without quite so many tourists. Location, Location, Location Found around 25km from its more famous sister, Venice, Chioggia (surprisingly pronounced ‘Kidodja’) lies in the Po River Delta, close to Padua. Located on two islands and separated by the ‘Channel Vena’, this water-enclosed town’s economy is based on a lucrative fishing trade that centres around its port. Fish, Anyone? Speaking of Chioggia’s

Tremiti Islands

  San Domino  ,  San Nicola  ,  Cretaccio  and  Pianosa  and  Capraia  - not to confuse the last two with the homonymous islands of the  Tuscan Archipelago  - are the five islands with a wild soul that make up the  Tremiti  . Turquoise waters, unspoiled nature and spectacular backdrops: these are the main ingredients of the  only Italian archipelago in the Adriatic  . Of the 5 islands, San Domino and San Nicola are the only ones inhabited; Cretaccio and Capraia can be visited on foot, while Pianosa is part of an Integral Marine Reserve and can only be visited if in possession of special authorizations. The seabed around the islands is considered a true paradise by  diving  and  snorkeling lovers  : they are teeming with fish of all races and sizes and offer extraordinary scenarios made up of underwater caves, inlets and even wrecks. Several underwater itineraries wind through the waters of the archipelago, which is  a Protected Marine Reserve of the Gargano National Park  , but it is a


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